Friday, February 21, 2014

Phalcon, Python, NodeJS or even PHP on the battle of benchmark

Well, developers are surrounded by many stuffs mentioned on the title. Those things have their own market ...
Just have a look then make your choice...

We have some results of performance benchmark below, that all basic testing with response of "Hello World!" and we will move on a more advanced environment testing later. Then we will have RMDB, NoSQL, Session or anythings else that these stuffs often work with.

Nah, let's see:

NginX serve html file.

PHP-FPM + NginX, default configuration, what a downgrade :))

Oh wait, see what happened after some changes of configuration. Take care about min_spare_servers, max_spare_servers, start_servers ... they depend on your server resource, don't leave them GROSS.

Ok, now PHP APC but APC has issues with PHP version 5.5, don't upgrade your PHP server or you must use other one.

Meanwhile, built-in PHP Opcode gave a peak.

Ah, by the way have you ever heard about PHP Built-in Web Server?
They came from 5.4.0. php -S localhost:2000

Not bad huh?

So, people are messing around : Hey guy, do you know NodeJS? What the *beep* is it?
Hohoho, I think they said that it's blazing fast...
Ah, result above taken with single core CPU because by default NodeJS use single core of CPU.
How about add more CPU core? Okay, cluster gives you a hand. npm install cluster
The more you add the more you get :v

Phalcon, a PHP framework installed as a module. easy as f***
By the way, Phalcon testing result above came from a little difference structure.
I did it like a minimal application:
                    |---------index.php(where the request attack :v)

So don't give it a f*** because the low number from the test. We will build other ones as minimal application someday later to have their fair ;)

The last guy, Tornado from Python world. Non-blocking HTTP server, right?
Good enough?
No, I spent long time with these guys and now need a rest. Result with more complicated application will be added later.

See ya!!!

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