Monday, January 8, 2018

Pagespeed ultimate

To bypass Google Pagespeed insight warning with the images on your site, there are some ways. 1st is don't use any image, easy!. 2nd is Image Compression and...:
- Image compression is not enought
- Image compression + Sampling factor(ref:…/Compression/JPEG/J5mods2007.pdf , at: "Down-Sampling"). Okay now Google Pagespeed insight won't warn you about the images on your site. But for the best =>
- Try to use compression + sampling factor AND use PJPEG(Progressgive JPG)- PJPEG is believed to reduce 2-10% file size comparing to standard JPEG. Some big names are using PJPEG Facebook(trên iOS), Twitter, Pinterest...
Vietnamese big name: VnExpress just a small amount, those may come from accidents while editing images. Dantri small amount, not from direct site, Ads! Tiki Full Progressive image, Lazada small amount!


Next will be the collect of how the size of the site is a huge problem!!!